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Crowdsourcing Cat Names

My mother-in-law has two new cats and really needs help naming them.

One is a little black male cat (with the required ten white hairs), 18 mos. old, and very affectionate. He needs a name because what she calls it is archaic, but not really a good idea in modern society, if you get my drift.

The other is another male, four years old, buff-colored with blue eyes. She calls it Buffy, which makes one think of a girl who slays vampires. It follows her around, but will not yet allow petting.

In the past, she has had cats named Frisky, Dilly Sue, and Bingo (Dan and I always called Bingo “Mr. Woo,” but that’s another story.)

Also, she also used to call our cat Matches by the name “Checkers,” which we decided was his evil twin.

Just for reference, our cats have been named Matches, Bijou, Anjou, Chelsea, Shaker, Maggie, Julia, Laurel, Garcia, Louise, Jasper, Django, and Dushenka. Plus two fosters named Joliet and The Devil Kitten From the Crawlspace of Hell, but that’s another story too. (No, not all at once; just a few at a time. I’m not that crazy. Yet.)

If I had pictures of the new kits on the block, I would post them, but so far I don’t.

So here goes my experiment in crowdsourcing cat names: Please help!