Post-Feminist Follow-Up

This morning I received the following comment on this week’s post and just had to share it:

Great blog about the Equal Rights Amendment – We couldn’t agree more. In fact, in 2009, we submitted the proposal for what has become HJR 51 and SJR 15 to remove Congress’s deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment!

We figured that since the women’s movement seemed to have abadoned the ERA to the next generation that we were going to answer the call.

First things first. If you don’t want the remaining three ratifications overturned by the Supreme Court then we need you and your hubby and your followers help to persuade Congress that this single action to jumpstart the process again is what women want because it will have an amazing impact for generations to come!

For simple instructions of locating your members of Congress, who to ask for and what to say, see our homepage at

Keep up the great work for women!

How about it? Let’s get behind this!

Comments always welcome!

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